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Phenomenal Woman 2016

Phenomenal Woman is a celebration of womanhood.

It is all about encouragement, education, and empowerment of women to excel in life.

What a phenomenal turnout we had last Saturday evening! The house was packed and all the ladies were looking extraordinary! Everything was simply gorgeous and outstanding. From the décor, to the food, to the photo shoot and fashion show. The discussion on the topic of REST and the entire program was phenomenally phenomenal! If you weren’t there, you truly missed a wonderful and inspiring evening. It was truly a relaxing evening of REST – refreshing and renewal.

Let’s start with the atmosphere. The design team really outdid themselves this year. Pink and white flowers all over the stage. Butterflies cascading up walls. Billowing fabric overhead. Dim lighting for a soothing glow. Combine that with the deep blue on the tables, and you have what is reminiscent of a beautiful sunset over cool waters. What an image of relaxation! And that is just the beginning. As the ladies came in they were greeted with a warm welcome by the greeters and had a chance to browse some of the tables of our sponsors as well as have their photos taken at the photo booth. They were then escorted to a table by a handsome gentleman as they enjoyed inspirational music by Lori Jean Smith, the violinist. She played with such vigor and passion that you couldn’t help but to be drawn in and allow the music to envelope you. The food was delicious! Even though there were table after table of food, it didn’t take long before the delectable offerings began to disappear.

The discussion on REST was spot on for women today. Through the 2-part discussion, we learned the importance of rest as well as the consequences if you fail to do so. REST has to do with Refresh, Experience, Soar, and Transform. If we fail to do these then we end up with the opposite: Rot, Expire, Sink, and Terminate. The choice is yours! We then enjoyed 2 inspirational dances that encouraged and uplifted our spirits. Last but not least, we experienced a fierce fashion show. The models were definitely working the runway as they strutted in different looks for business, international, and formal wear.

This year’s Phenomenal Woman Award recipients were Mrs. Nora Quintana, Ms. Syble Courtney, and Captain Tara Woods. These women have been role models for what it looks like to be phenomenal! Not only excelling in their respective fields, but also giving back to their communities and the people around them. Congratulations ladies! You are truly phenomenal!

This was just a glimpse into the night that was truly an experience. If you missed it this year, make sure you don’t miss it next year! It only gets bigger and better from here, and we are already looking forward to what the future holds!


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